Thursday, May 05, 2005

dot dot dot...

Just peekin' in to say hey... but I'm keepin' track of all of you, so watch what you say!

Me? I'm drowning a bit these days... how do I get myself in this predicament?

I think I get overwhelmed with web work when new clients take a long time to get the site right, sometimes overly so.

Then that runs into the next one, and the next one, and pretty soon it's weeks to finish the site(s), ya know? And that's where I'm at lately.

And my regular clients - they need updates too. oy! I'm going as fast as I can, really.

Speaking of updates, sad news from Diane. Her beloved Simon passed away last month. I feel so sad for her. I think the handful of you who still stop in here to see if I'm alive have gone thru the pain of losing your four-legged child (and they are your children!) It's so difficult, but I hate to say it, it does get better eventually.

Well, I s'pose I should get to work. Hubby is off today and tomorrow - today, to try and put about 100 miles on the bike, 'cos he's going in tomorrow to have the 500 mile check and fine tuning to the new motor. Luckily it looks like it might be a nice day... altho too cool for me. Besides, I have no life outside of this room - but I already told you that.

Ok. That's it folks - long post, but hey, when I start talking you can't shut me up!

Until next time.

OH! a quick note of pure pleasure! I was approved for the abdominoplasty! woohoo, flat tummy muscles here I come! Only thing, it's going to be a nail biting situation... it's hubby's insurance that approved it, and he could be outta there any day. Plant's closing, laying off people, and just generally being shitty. Sooo, will he make it and have the insurance by the time I acually get in to have the surgery? They're already scheduling into September for God's sake... unless they find a hole for me to slip into, it may very well not happen after all. Oh well, whatever happens will happen, right?

Ok, gotta go. bye.