Thursday, May 12, 2005

personal creative

poopie. I was rather looking forward to some down time for myself. You know, relax and stop working for a little while - gotta take a break once in awhile, right? I've been in the mood to create a set for FMG, but then I feel guilty 'cos I need to meet a handful of deadlines, which I don't normally have. Everyone has a launch date for one reason or another. oh well.

You know what always amazes me? That after soooo many years, we/I still remember words to songs from way back when, know what I mean? I s'pose thru the years we're exposed to them often enough to reinforce the lyrics, and jog our memory, but it's still pretty darn cool.

Of course there's usually a trip down memory lane as I sing along to the tunes... in fact, I was going to share a little story with you earlier, but now I need to get to bed.

Never enough hours, is there?

Oh - quickie link - Maria Isabel Arango. Isn't the design wonderful? So smoooth, but not enough to look at (via carole).

alrighty. the clock is ticking... c'yall later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

word o' warning

If you ever buy that 'fully cooked' bacon that you put in the microwave, make sure that you put it on a microwave safe dish. I always use a paper plate for stuff 'cos I generally just heat things up.

Well, the bacon burned the paper plate. I thought I smelled something burning, and sho' nuff, 'twas the paper plate and the middle piece of bacon. ewww... it burned and melded into the plate - which was freakin' hot when I took it out.
(But the other pieces were yummy).


Since when has writing a post in here become a reluctant task? Probably since I'm doing the same thing every day and who wants to read that?

Probably the thing that I would absolutely KILL to do, is to attend the Illustration Conference in SF this July. OMG, I think I would totally be in shock and awe to talk/meet/see all of my illustrator idols - more so than any movie star out there! Really. Damn. Hey, maybe I should set up a "Send Kitty to San Francisco" paypal account, hmm? ya, right.

Check out the site for all of the artists that will be in attendance - there are oodles of linkolas as well - you'll be there forever if you're in the mood.

poop. Gotta get ready for 'ze doc (just a med check) - dagnabbit.